Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Welcome to the start of a great year! Plus FREE Practice Printout

happy new years


Welcome to the start of a new year.  Lessons for the year have resumed and we are off to great start. Seeing that it is the start of a new year, it is a good time for developing and focusing on creating good practice habits.  So today, we are offering readers a free download of our practice printout.

How to use the Practice Print Out:
  1. Download and print the practice diary print out.
  2. Write down your goal for the week. This could be something like develop good intonation on scales or focus on correcting left hand posture.
  3. Write down the things you need to practice to achieve this for each day of the week.
  4. As you practice each item each day, write down how much time you spent practicing.  If you didn't practice something that day, write 0 mins.
  5. As the week progresses, you can write down what you need to practice next week.  
  6. Take the print out to your lesson with your teacher.  Write down in the To Practice Next Week Box anything you need to work on for the following week.
Good luck with your practice!

To download the file, please right click and save the image file.