Saturday, 13 June 2015

Learning music makes children smarter

Today I read this awesome article on how learning a musical instrument helps the development of the brain, especially the part of the brain that relates to learning languages. Just another great benefit of learning the violin from a young age. 

Violin Sizing

It is always best to go to the store with your child to try out violins.  The stores we recommend are:

  • Sydney String Centre (Chatswood)
  • The Violinery (Linfield)
  • Vivaldi's Violins (Epping)
  • Irwin Violins (Edgecliff)
These stores offer complimentary violin (and all other string instrument) fittings.  They have all types of violins in stock varying in quality (beginner to professional).  If you purchase an instrument from one of these places, you can't go wrong.  The quality of these violins are great. They stay in tune, and are set up correctly.  Plus, they always have violins and accessories in stock.

However, if you are unable to go into one of these stores, below is an approximate measurement guide for instrument sizing:


(Palm of hand to shoulder)


4/4 or Full size

58cm and larger

56cm and small hands

7/8 size

54.6cm - 56cm (9-12 years)

3/4 size

50.8cm (7-9 years)

1/2 size

45.7cm - 47cm (5-7 year)

1/4 size

42cm (4-6 years)

1/8 size

38cm (4-5 years)

1/10 size

35.5cm (3-5 years)

1/16 size